Our companies Moreld Karsten Moholt and Moreld Aquamarine offer maintenance and repair of critical equipment and related services to a range of industries. We deliver hands-on experience within rotating machinery, electrical systems and critical components. In May 2022 Moreld Teknor, located at Harstad, was merged with Moreld Karsten Moholt.

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Fossil fuels | Shipping | Aquaculture 
Land-based industry | Renewable energy | Infrastructure | Defence

Moreld Moholt group is the Life cycle part of the Moreld company.
– we create value by supporting our customers in the transition towards a sustainable future.

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Our segments

Rig, Oil & Gas

Rig, Oil & Gas offer lifetime extension of rotating equipment through smart maintenance, and deliver hands-on experience within rotating machinery to both offshore and onshore installations.

Services Rig, Oil & Gas


Maritime offers installation, commissioning, condition-based maintenance, upgrades, service, repair and life extension of rotating equipment and electrical/automation systems.

Services Maritime


Renewable offers supervision and advanced electrical condition monitoring of hydropower generators as well as service, repair and life extension in the field and in the workshop.

Services Renewables


Digitalisation is defined as the use of Digital Technology and Data to achieve a set of business process improvements.

skAIwatch is Moreld Life Cycle’s digitalisation initiative for Intelligent Condition Monitoring (ICM).

Overall objective for skAIwatch is to simplify, streamline and automate ICM business processes.

Via a big data system vibration, oil-analysis, process, and meta data is put into context. Overall values from this system are then used to determine the condition of the machine.

The digitalisation initiative in skAIwatch can reduce your maintenance costs by 30–40 %, unplanned downtime by 40–50 % and optimize spare parts storage by 15–20 %. Read more.

Contact the Moreld Karsten Moholt digitalisation department :

For RFQs: cmsales@karsten-moholt.no

For technical support/Vibration measurements: cmsupport@karsten-moholt.no





Advanced 3D scanning and 3D printing technology reduce CO2 emission

3D scanning is the perfect tool to collect information and produce a digital twin, ready for 3D print.
There are several advantages of using 3D printing technologies, such as making complex custom-made parts, that are challenging to build in the traditional way. It can also save a lot of time during the re-engineering, since using 3D modelling software and 3D printing excludes the need to produce production drawings, that are time consuming.

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