Condition control of insulation systems

Moholt Group has extensive experience with electrical condition control of insulation systems in high-voltage machines and uses well-known measurement techniques that have the best prerequisites for being able to diagnose the insulation quality and machine condition.

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Condition control generators in small power plants

  • Partial discharges and tanδ (traditional 50Hz)
  • Insulation resistance and polarizations.
  • DC Surge pulses, capacitance
  • Offline and online measurement methods
  • Advanced condition control
  • PD test of high voltage machines
  • Baker test of low voltage machines
  • Inspection performed by experienced inspectors

You get

  • Decision basis for proper maintenance
  • Overview of any errors in the early phase
  • Recommendations that ensure the life of the machine
  • Optimization of service life
  • Improved uptime
  • Satisfies the insurance companies’ documentation requirements

We also offer

  • Electricians
  • Service on board / control boards
  • 3D Scanning and Production
  • Online / Offline generator monitoring