Through generations, Karsten Moholt has developed solid expertise on all parts of your equipment’s life cycle.

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Our consulting services can solve all your challenges, from developing a maintenance philosophy, purchasing and installing new equipment, modifying existing equipment, training and compliance with Ex requirements.

Our consulting services ensure more efficient maintenance management and minimise maintenance costs and downtime. With our guidance, you can be confident all your equipment has the best conditions for optimal performance.

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Maintenance strategy

Reliability-based maintenance
Karsten Moholt has many years of experience with rotating and electrostatic machines, and together with our customers we will find the most efficient and suitable approach to extending the lifetime of the machines and implement condition-based maintenance programs.

Analysis of Life-cycle costs (LCC)
Most maintenance programs today are based on experience and expert assessments.

This can lead to a non-standard approach based on individual experience and ultimately to a less optimal equipment performance.

This is why maintenance managers need a decision support tool to optimize the maintenance strategy at equipment or plant level.

A cost analysis of the life cycle involves analyzing the cost of a system or component over its entire lifetime.

Typical costs for a system may include:

  • Acquisition costs (or design and development costs)
  • Operating expenses
  • Costs due to errors
  • Costs of repairs
  • Downtime costs
  • Production issues
  • Maintenance costs
  • Costs for corrective maintenance
  • Costs for preventive maintenance
  • Costs for predictive maintenance
  • Decommissioning costs

Installation and start-up

Equipment sales
Karsten Moholt is the agency and distributor for most well-known brands that produce electromechanical machines and parts:

ABB, Siemens, GE, Basler, Schaeffler, Leroy-Somer and Transf Eco.

Karsten Moholt also has extensive experience with one-to-one replacement of:

  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Voltage regulators and relays
  • Forklifts
  • Quality measurements and power monitoring equipment
  • Spare parts for all the above

Engineering and modifications
With its interdisciplinary expertise, Karsten Moholt can carry out electrical, mechanical, plumbing, automation and instrumentation projects and engineering.

As a part of our engineering work, we can do everything from specifications and ordering equipment, documentation, installation, start-up and delivery for a third-party evaluation.

Installation and commissioning
Karsten Moholt has competent and experienced employees that can install

  • Mechanical installations
  • Plumbing and tubing
  • Electrical installations
  • Instrumentation

All installations are end with testing and start-up of the installed systems and products.

This ensures that the equipment and system is in line with design, regulations and expected performance.

3D scanning
To detect component wear and control the quality of component documentation against CAD models, we need precise scanning. When replacing components, a production base is also needed to adapt to complex shapes and surfaces.

By using 3D scanners, it is possible to map the shape and surface of motors, components and equipment with up to 0.044 mm accuracy.

The scan generates CAD drawings that can be used to measure defects due to wear, ensure the quality of the production, reverse engineer new components and acquire digital documentation of components.


EX expertise
Karsten Moholt has extensive knowledge about Ex equipment and can help you inspect and register Ex equipment.

Karsten Moholt is the only repair and overhaul workshop in Scandinavia that is IECEx certified to repair and overhaul Ex equipment according to international standards:

  • IEC 60079- 19 (repairs and overhauls of Ex-labelled equipment)
  • IEC 60079-17 (Ex inspection)
  • IEC 60079-14 (Ex installation)

Explosion-proof equipment (Ex equipment) is equipment that cannot act as a source of ignition if faults occur on site. For that reason, there are minimum requirements for repair and maintenance of so-called ‘Ex equipment’ to ensure intact barriers after repairs and maintenance!

Our workshop is IECEx, UL and PRESAFE (NEMKO) approved, and our personnel are certified to repair, install and maintain in accordance with IECEx & COMPEx.

Karsten Moholt has extensive Ex expertise and can help customers inspect and register Ex equipment on board.

All inspections and registrations are carried out according to procedures approved by DNV.

Ex-registers can be made for:

  • New rigs built in Norway or abroad – to create the complete Ex register which is required when starting up new rigs.
  • Older rigs – to keep the Ex register up to date and ensure that all changes made to the rig during the year are registered according to regulations.
  • Karsten Moholt’s personnel will check existing Ex equipment to see if it has been maintained in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

A new Ex register will be prepared in a DNV-approved format.

We will help contact equipment suppliers, if necessary, to obtain missing documentation.

Courses and training

Course in vibration analysis
Our basic course in mechanical condition monitoring is suitable for those who are new to condition monitoring or just need a basic understanding of vibration analysis, and for people who read and interpret vibration reports.

Our category I–III courses in accordance with ISO 18436-2 and ASNT Level I–III will help engineers, PDM Program Managers and other maintenance personnel understand condition monitoring with focus on vibration analysis and condition monitoring.

We also tailor courses in mechanical condition monitoring according to the customer’s wishes.

The courses are held by experienced instructors with extensive knowledge about vibration analysis. Examples and case studies from several industries are used, and our course materials, 3D animations and simulators make the course content easier to understand.

For more information, contact us at: or phone: +47 55 94 34 00

Course in shaft alignment
Karsten Moholt offers beginner courses in shaft alignment. The course focuses on laser alignment.

The course will cover horizontal shaft alignment, vertical shaft alignment, soft foot, different couplings, adjustment procedures, shimming and casting, tolerance, thermal growth and report generation.

Customized courses
Karsten Moholt offers customized courses to increase your expertise in rotating electromechanical equipment.

We offer Ex courses, electrical condition monitoring, transformers, DC motors, AC motors, voltage regulators, (AVR) and condition-based maintenance.

Contact us at or phone: +47 55 94 34 00