Inspection and maintenance of industrial gears

Industrial gears are about large torques and are the heavyweights in drive technology. Due to the large forces at play, even small errors that are not detected in time can lead to complete system failure. This is not only expensive, but can be disastrous for production if large parts of the plant are left standing until a new unit is installed. This can be avoided with regular inspections and smart maintenance.

At Karsten Moholt, we have knowledge and experience that make us a nationally leading player in the inspection and maintenance of industrial gears for all industries.

We offer comprehensive and customer-tailored gear solutions that, in the long term, result in lower costs, longer service life and, above all, no anticipated downtime. Gear inspection is carried out without extensive disassembly at the customer’s premises.Contact us!

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  • Ship industry
  • Wind power
  • The oil and gas industry
  • Process industry
  • The farming industry
  • Fish and food industry
  • The Armed Forces / Public sector
  • Cable cars and ski resorts

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