Monitoring and analysis

Karsten Moholt collects all your data on companies, locations, machines and statuses in one place, together with reports and status history for all your machines.

SkAIwatch is a predictive maintenance programme from Karsten Moholt that supports all types of rotating machinery. SkAIwatch uses big data combined with machine learning and deep learning to monitor and reveal the condition of your rotating equipment.

SkAIwatch can reduce your maintenance costs by 30–40 %, unplanned downtime by 40–50 % and optimise spare parts storage by 15–20 %.

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We use several techniques to monitor and analyze your equipment in order to predict when maintenance is needed.

Evaluating the state of your machinery enables us to track significant changes that indicate future failure.

This is a cost-effective solution for you as a customer and performed by our qualified personnel it can lead to a significant improvement in maintenance.

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Monitoring systems

Sales and installation
Industrial equipment does not fail suddenly but breaks down slowly over time. Among the early signs of equipment failure are changes in temperature, vibration or noise signature. To be able to monitor and analyze the condition of your machinery a monitoring system must be installed which can efficiently identify early signs of equipment failure. However, in order to get the best results, the right type of monitoring must be installed on the right equipment.

Karsten Moholt identifies the equipment that needs monitoring, selects the right monitoring system, determines the optimal sensor placement, sets up databases for storing measurements, selects appropriate alert levels and documents the installation according to requirements and regulations. If necessary, we can also train your employees in how to use the systems. However, we do recommend that we continuously monitor and analyze your equipment to ensure the fastest possible response.

Karsten Moholt sells and installs monitoring systems for mechanical and electrical condition monitoring, laser alignment, particle count and oil quality. Many of the concepts have been developed at Karsten Moholt, and we are a market-leading company with extensive experience in this field.

Installation of monitoring systems gives the necessary foundation for monitoring and maintenance recommendations to predict and prevent critical equipment failure.

Analysis and maintenance recommendations

  • Troubleshooting
    While we get the machinery up and running again, we also map the extent and consequences of its downtime.

    If downtime is a recurring problem, we can carry out a root cause analysis to identify and eliminate the underlying causes.

  • Monitoring and Maintenance recommendations
    My CBM is Karsten Moholt’s own tool that gives you full overview of your machinery. If your monitoring systems show early signs of equipment failure, we can send you error messages by e-mail.

    Based on an analysis of the error message, we can provide maintenance recommendations and preventive measures to avoid equipment failure and unnecessary downtime.

  • Root cause analysis
    Often, we find that a few, but recurring, sources of error account for much of the unwanted downtime of your machinery.

    To get to the root of these faults one must uncover the underlying, hidden connections that lead to downtime.

  • SkAIwatch
    SkAIwatch is a predictive maintenance program from Karsten Moholt that supports all types of rotating machinery. We have used our experts in electrical machinery and vibration analysis and machine learning in order to automate deviation detection and prognoses.

    SkAIwatch uses big data combined with machine learning and deep learning to monitor and reveal the condition of your rotating equipment.

    Read more about SkAIwatch.