Important meeting with TimeTronics in Belgium, our subcontractor for the new timing system.

– We spent a whole day planning the installation with TimeTronics and went through the 3D model to study the technical execution. This gave us a better understanding of how it works and is put together. It is TekniskBureau that will lay the cabling, then TimeTronics will come to Sola to install the timing system and photo finish, explains Joachim Danielsen, telecommunications technician at TekniskBureau AS.

TimeTronics is a small company with ten employees. They have extensive experience in timing products and launched the first electronic photo finisher in the world in 1990. – What is important to think about when creating a timing system?

– The installation must be carried out in a safe manner. Backup is important if things suddenly go wrong during an event. Without a backup, you can’t always be sure who won, explains Danielsen, who traveled to Belgium together with Knut Folkevord, project engineer and subject manager at low power. Visited the velodrome In addition to a successful meeting at TimeTronics in Olen, there was also time to see a velodrome in Geel. – Here we looked at the technical installation and how they carried it out there. It was both educational and enjoyable, says Danielsen.

Best possible equipment for bicycle velodrome at Sola.


TimeTronics is the world leader in sporting timing products and is a subcontractor for the timing system for the bicycle velodrome. Recently, the Technical Bureau visited them in Belgium to get to know the product and the company better.

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