New contract with Knutsen OAS

Maritime contract with Knutsen OAS

Our maritime department has won a contract to monitor 13 LNG ships for Knutsen OAS.

Knutsen has choosen to go for an agreement with Karsten Moholt since we are the Norwegian leader in our working field (if not Europe).

In the first instance, there will be delivery of instruments and database setup. The next delivery will be an annual analysis.

This contact will also generate EX work + Service and maintenance.

It is a big responsibility to make sure that these ships go safely, and here our Condition Monitoring department will make sure we deliver an excellent job.

​​​​​​​​Knutsen OAS is a member of Incentra, where Karsten Moholt entered into a contract as a supplier in 2021. There are 40 shipping companies that are members of Incentra who are potential customers for Karsten Moholt. Until now in 2022, these shipping companies, via the Incentra agreement, have traded for a 2-digit number of millions.

Our Sales & Quotation Leader Jone Storstein did an enormously good sales job over time to land this deal.


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