Express chairlift repair during winter holiday in Myrkdalen.

Myrkdalen is a very popular area for skiing and the chairlift is an important part of the infrastructure at Myrkdalen Fjellheiser AS.

The motor was dismantled on site and shipped to Karsten Moholt AS, where a team of skilled professionals was ready to diagnose it to determine if it could be repaired.

After carrying out electrical and mechanical condition monitoring, cleaning and drying the rotor and stator, the necessary parts were ordered with express delivery. Mechanical repairs were carried out and the motor was reassembled and tested.

Our customer received the motor at 25:15 on Thursday evening and the staff at Karsten Moholt could go home, knowing that the job had been carried out in the best and fastest way for the customer.

What initially looked like a total breakdown for the chairlift motor ended up – due to expertise, ownership and focus on the customer – as a story with a happy ending for Myrkdalen Fjelllheiser AS and their skiing guests. The normal delivery time for a new motor would have been 12 weeks.

Myrkdalen fjellheiser

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