Riser, Repair & Fabrication

Aquamarine offers its customers a complete service center for the manufacturing, modification, maintenance, re-certification and repair of riser and riser related equipment.

Aquamarine performs inspection and repair of complete riser systems, in cooperation with leading OEMs.

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Knowledge is power, and Aquamarine knows risers
This understanding, honed through extensive repair services with work over risers, production risers and drilling risers, has enabled us to confront a major issue within the industry

– the time consuming nature of riser repair and the difficulties of extending lifecycles.

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Aquamarine’s expertise and commitment to innovation has empowered an industrial breakthrough.

We have developed a new process for work over risers based on thermal coating, utilising tungsten carbide and Inconel 625 coatings to significantly reduce the cost of maintenance.

Our Work Over Riser Repair Program delivers the following advantages:

  • Improved resistance against corrosion, scratches and wear
  • Extended lifetime and service interval/cost
  • Significantly reduced turn around time of repair (reduced time out of service)
  • Development of new process for tungsten carbide coating inside the riser box end and annulus pin
  • Development of new process for Inconel 625 coating of seal groves on riser pin end

Working together with the OEMs
We have extensive experience with inspection, repair and re-certification of complete work over riser systems, gained from close cooperation with leading OEMs.

Our services also include production and modification of marine and platform drilling risers, both for high-pressure and low-pressure operations.

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Coating material and spray program
The choice of material and coating programme is determined by the necessary coating thickness, for example depending on the depth of a damaged area that requires repair work.

Our services include

  • Cleaning
  • Dimensional verification
  • Dismantling
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Repair
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly and Test
  • Storage and preservation