Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) Machines

Some machines are subjected to extreme stresses. By impregnating the winding on these machines in a proper way, both lifetime and efficiency are extended.

In collaboration with SINTEF, we have developed a highly effective VPI method. With the help of a model, we determine the limit values ​​for an optimal process. Varnish is applied to the windings under vacuum. In this way, it is drawn into all cracks and cavities.

We then expose the machine’s winding to pressure, so that the varnish penetrates even deeper. By optimizing the quantity of varnish, vacuum and pressure, we have arrived at a very effective and strong impregnation. This is the best impregnation method available today. The result is stable insulation resistance, a longer service life, and better operating economics for the customer.

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Moreld Karsten Moholt is the only company in Norway with a documentable VPI process.


  • Ship / shipyard
  • Shipping company
  • Contractors, ski lifts,
  • Renewable energy (Hydro and wind power)
  • Fish and food Breeding
  • Defence-public
  • Process industry
  • Oil & gas
  • Train and track