Do you have a damaged machine that has not reached its normal lifespan?

Do you have a machine that is in a demanding environment or has other special operating conditions?

Do you have a critically important machine that absolutely should not fail?

We wrap motors, generators, transformers and other electrical equipment. We know the weak points and ensure enough insulation in the exposed places, we measure the tin package and adapt the winding sets on the machines so that we optimize copper and insulation for the track.

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Our suppliers of winding material are among the best in the world, which, together with our knowledge and long experience, ensure that damaged machines are given a new life cycle on par with the expected lifetime of new machines. When wrapping, we recover approx. 95% of the machine, while maintaining robustness and giving the machine new life.

Therefore, recycling instead of buying new is not only positive for your own accounts, but also a very good contribution to the industry’s environmental accounts.

Life extension with winding at Moreld Karsten Moholt normally includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Mechanical and electrical control
  • Winding
  • VPI
  • Replacement of all wearing parts
  • Testing


  • Ship / shipyard
  • Shipping company
  • Contractors, ski lifts, miscellaneous
  • Renewable energy (Hydro and wind power)
  • Fish and food
  • Breeding
  • Defence-public
  • Process industry
  • Oil & gas
  • Train and track